Cultured and Dedicated

Company Overview

Our Passion

At the heart of RCA is a rich background with strong leadership and commitment to diversity and corporate responsibility.

Renaissance Capital Alliance (RCA) has been providing equipment financing solutions to some of the largest corporations in North America since 2001. As an independent Lessor, RCA’s financing programs allow you to keep your current OEM relationships in place while lowering your overall cost of ownership through low-cost financing.

Our financial expertise has attracted clients across a wide variety of industries. RCA’s clientele includes companies that specialize in Appliance Manufacturing, Automobile Manufacturing, Food Processing, Oil Production and Refining, Coal Mining, Energy Production, Electrical Manufacturing and Distribution, Logistics, Railroad Transportation, Auto Parts Manufacturing, Electronic Component Manufacturing and more.

Our Culture

Here at RCA, everyone is family! Our team is built on a foundation of trust, hard work and support for everyone working towards our common objective. Oh, and we know how to have a good time too. We understand that people are at their most productive when they’re happy with what they do. This is why we’ve created an environment where our accomplishments are met with celebration. They say it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impact. Well, our team at RCA has a keen eye for the little things, because we believe that all successes, whether big or small, deserve to be met with praise.

The year 2021 represents an exciting milestone for our organization. As of July 27, 2021, Renaissance Capital Alliance has been in business for 20 years! Cause for celebration calls for celebration, and two decades of service is just that. As we celebrate the achievements we’ve made to date, we look forward to the next 20 years and make plans to ensure that we continue to innovate.


RCA employees include Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers which helps us to deliver innovative ideas by relying on the diverse experiences of our collective workforce.

Our age inclusivity allows us to form true bonds with our clients which is important in the relationship-focused industry that we participate in. The varying skillsets, mindsets and experience levels of our team lead us to seek out new ways of operating for a more efficient and effective service.

75% of our staff is diverse

Leadership Team

Kevin Bell


Benjamin J. Denno

VP & Co-Founder

Michelle Denno

VP of Operations

Kyle Bell

Senior National Sales Manager

Culture & Diversity

Since 2001 we have been helping clients reach their diversity spend initiatives through the use of our customized financial solutions. However, our dedication to diversity didn’t start there.

RCA’s promotion of diversity can be traced back 3 decades through our Co-Founder Ronald Hall, Sr. Mr. Hall was known for turning the Michigan Minority Supplier Business Development Council into one of America’s minority business development organization leaders during his tenure as President, from 1992 to October 1998. Its minority business and corporate membership more than doubled under his leadership. Shortly thereafter, Ronald joined forces with Benjamin Denno to create Renaissance Capital Alliance and certified the entity as a Minority Business Enterprise. With the help of Mr. Hall’s guiding principles, RCA has been able to build a legacy of leadership in the diversity space.


Kevin Bell, RCA’s current president, has continued to advance the line in the fight for diversity. Before joining the RCA team, he increased the diversity spend at Fiat Chrysler Automotive by $5 Billion annually. Mr. Bell now speaks at diversity events all over the country and explains why minority spend is attractive for several reasons, including increased profits. Additionally, he supports the NMSDC programs department which helps the organization pursue its diversity advancing objectives.

With the opening of our operation in Mexico, RCA is proud to have Latin leadership paving the way.  The new location provides our team with the ability to be the lessor of choice for all of your North American leasing needs. We’ve partnered with locals in the area to build an infrastructure across the country. RCA understands that being a leader in the diversity space is beyond just spending money in diverse communities. We’ve partnered with locals in the area to build an infrastructure capable of servicing the entire country.


RCA is honored to support the employment and advancement of women throughout all walks of life. Our company regularly attends the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and we are committed to the growth of our female staff. In our fight for equality, RCA is determined to build a female-friendly work environment that extends beyond the office. We strive to create a workplace that is safe and respectful for all staff regardless of gender. This accomplishment can only be realized through the vision of the powerful women within our organization. We’re also proud to work with clients who promote the success of their female staff.


Michelle Denno, one of our leading ladies, advances RCA everyday through her position as Vice President of Operations. As a rising star within the organization, Denno ensures that the distinct functions of the company work conjointly towards our common objective. Not only is Denno a source of leadership in the office, she also provides leadership in the community. The philanthropist has dedicated her free time towards the founding of the charitable organization ‘100 Millennials Who Care.’ Within the first 18 months of establishment, the organization had donated over $42,000 to six local non-profits through the power of collective giving. Denno’s example has persuaded other members of the RCA network to join the cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility

RCA’s collective passion for giving back was instilled into our organization from the beginning by Co-Founder Benjamin Denno. The company has donated time, money and labor into the community through several different charitable organizations. Some of the organizations include Grace Centers of Hope, the ‘Scare Away Hunger’ run and 100 Millennials Who Care.

One of Mr. Denno’s favorite causes to support has been Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan. RCA has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as a bus to the charitable foundation. The funds have been used to assist in building better lives for single parents throughout southeast Michigan. When Grace Centers of Hope was looking to transform into the new William A. Davis Women & Children’s Center, it was RCA who headed up the Capital Committee in helping raise over $4 million towards the Center’s goal.

‘Scare Away Hunger’ Run

The “Scare Away Hunger” run is a 5k run and family event which RCA has been a title sponsor for. The proceeds for this event benefit the Neighborhood House which provides food, clothing and emergency financial assistance to neighbors in need from Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Oakland Township and Addison Township.  The run has raised 6 figures in donations since its founding in 2011.

100 Millennials Who Care

100 Millennials Who Care is an organization that was founded by Michelle Denno, VP of Operations for RCA. The organization asks its members to donate $100 once a quarter with the proceeds benefiting a charity that gets selected by group vote. Since its founding in 2018, the organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars to be donated to several different charities. The list of charities includes The Power Company Kids Club, Dutton Farm, Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids, Grace Centers of Hope and Fleece and Thank You. Our team at RCA is very proud of the growth of this organization as well as every charitable cause or act that the individuals from our company have chosen to support.