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Material Handling

Non-Exhaustive List of material handling assets that RCA Provides financing for.

Information Technology

Find out how RCA can provide financing for your Information Technology infrastructure


Learn more about RCA’s construction equipment financing opportunities.


List of financing solutions RCA provides for medical industry.


Discover the types or production equipment that RCA finances.


Discover the types of utility financing that RCA provides.

2 Decades of Experience

As a minority business enterprise with over 2 decades of leasing experience, Renaissance Capital Alliance has become the lessor of choice for many of North America’s largest corporations

Over 20 years of Experience

Our experts work side by side with clientele in order to build customized leasing solutions that fit each entity’s financial strategy. We provide financing for any brand of equipment our clients prefer. RCA succeeds at minimizing the complexities of the documentation process so companies can get back to focusing on what they do best. Additionally, we communicate with our corporate partners throughout the entire lifecycle of the lease.

Benefits of Leasing with RCA
  • As one of the largest minority-owned equipment lessors in North America, each monthly payment made counts towards your diversity spend initiatives.
  • Our brand agnostic approach allows companies to keep their current OEM relationships in place.
  • RCA finances material handling, construction, production, information technology, medical and utility equipment.
  • Our experts provide tracking and lease management support throughout the entire lifecycle of the lease.  This results in better decision making for the leasing program as a whole.

Benefits of Leasing

Benefits of Leasing In the United States, approximately 20% of all new capital equipment acquisitions are financed through leasing1. Although the US is one of.. Read More →

Building a Forklift RFP & Leasing Program

Building an effective leasing program, regardless of the asset class, requires establishing clear objectives from the outset. Defining company goals provides a deeper understanding and.. Read More →
We Understand Businesses

At the heart of RCA is a rich background with strong leadership and commitment to diversity and corporate responsibility.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

RCA’s collective passion for giving back was instilled into our organization from the beginning by Co-Founder Benjamin Denno. The company has donated time, money and labor into the community through several different charitable organizations.

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Deep Rooted Culture

Our team is built on a foundation of trust, hard work and support for everyone working towards our common objective. Oh, and we know how to have a good time too. We understand that people are at their most productive when they’re happy with what they do. This is why we’ve created an environment where our accomplishments are met with celebration.

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