Equipment Types

RCA is knowledgeable with various types of soft and hard assets, also with extensive experience leasing other types of equipment including:


·         Powered mobile equipment:    

o   Fork Lifts (all types)

o   Reach Stackers

o   Boom lifts

o   Man and platform lifts

o   Skid steers

o   Tow and tuggers

o   Others

·         IT Equipment:    

o   Computers

o   Data Storage

o   Servers

o   Networks

o   Communication & Security

o   Multifunctional Equipment

o   Other Various Types

·         Construction and Mining Equipment:     

o   Dozers  Cranes

o   Loaders                Logging Equipment

o   Excavators          Railroad maintenance of way

o   Draglines             Haulers

o   Others 

o   Transmission Construction Vehicles        

o   Utility Service Vehicles

o   Corporate Aircraft

o   Railroad and related assets

o   Marine assets

o   Manufacturing Equipment

o   Food Service manufacturing and preparation equipment

o   Over-the-road trucks and trailers